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BOARD OF ETHICS IN the MATTER OF Jordan MONSOUR and Walter Monsour

Recently, the Louisiana Supreme Court issued a per curiam opinion in one of the cases handled by Mike Patterson and Brooke Barnett-Bernal involving the Code of Governmental Ethics.  In this opinion, the Louisiana Supreme Court held the evidence produced in connection with motions for summary judgment filed in administrative proceedings before the Ethics Adjudicatory Board must conform to the same requirements applicable to civil proceedings.  As a result, the Louisiana Supreme Court affirmed the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision, holding La. C.C.P. arts. 966 and 967 govern motions for summary judgment filed with the Ethics Adjudicatory Board and that the opposition evidence produced by the Louisiana Board of Ethics did not satisfy the requirements of La. C.C.P. arts. 966 and 967; and thus, could not be considered by the Ethics Adjudicatory Board when deciding respondents’ motions for summary.